Microsoft Teams Mac performance has long been a common complaint, but the company is now promising improvements for the Mac app …

With a quick and simple web search for “ microsoft teams requirements “, you can see the system requirements for Teams: This shows any MacBook Air since 2010 running macOS 10.11 or later can easily run Teams. MS Teams has versions for Windows, IOS/MACOS, Linux, Android. Plus it runs in any modern browser. We activated it and wow. Looks better and now I can use my Macbook to heat up the whole room. We have some Macbook Pros and boy they are getting hot and have to make a lot of noise to be cooled, but the best are Macbook Air's. They just can't handle the CPU Load. Even with only 5 Participators the cpu cannot handle it. Microsoft Teams is your hub for teamwork, which brings together everything a team needs: chat and threaded conversations, meetings & video conferencing, calling, content collaboration with the power of Microsoft 365 applications, and the ability to create and integrate apps and workflows that your business relies on.

Windows Latest reports:

For the past few months, Microsoft has been promising that the upcoming Microsoft Teams update would deliver some substantial performance improvements and reduce overall resources usage. In a new forum post, Microsoft has quietly confirmed it’s also working on a performance update for macOS client, which is based on Electron […]

Microsoft is aware of [user complaints] and it’s currently working on a new update that will reduce memory/CPU usage.

Microsoft is also “aggressively addressing other areas of performance around the Mac client”, but it’s not yet clear when that update will arrive.

Forum reports describe the current app as “almost unusable.”

I can’t use teams with out it lagging severely. When I go and look at the processes running, It always looks like the ‘helper’ is taking up crazy amounts of CPU and it lags out the application to the point of it almost being unusable. I’ve tried closing the application, rebooting, re-installing, checking for updates, etc, nothing works.

Users so far appear unimpressed by Microsoft’s statement.

Microsoft Teams For Macbook Air

“Improvements with Electron “What?” Tell me you’re joking. Electron had two major releases already – 11 from November brought and later cemented M1 support, 12 was released beginning of March. It’s fairly easy to update to Electron with M1 support – I did it personally for a couple of projects. Bah, Slack did it a month after M1 hit retail. Lazy on your part.”

“Please use the iOS version to make a catalyst macOS build of the app. Electron is a NoGo.”

Microsoft Teams Download For Macbook Air

“This thread and problem have been running for many years now with lots of promises that its being fixed imminently or has been fixed but things carry on the same as before. I’m afraid MS credibility on this issue is wearing thin”

Microsoft also hasn’t replied to queries about whether there will be a native M1 Mac version of the app.

The company has announced new features coming next month to the Windows app, but there is no word on whether the promised Mac improvements will land at the same time.

According to Microsoft 365 Roadmap, the company will finally allow you to reply to a specific message. You can soon right-click on a message and include the original message with your reply, which should help users jump back to older conversations quickly or get more context.

Microsoft Teams Download For Mac Air

In addition to these improvements, Microsoft is also introducing support for a new emoji picker that will support various skin tone, categories, and up to 800 emojis.

Microsoft teams for macbook air m1

The iOS version of Microsoft Teams was supposed to get CarPlay support and more at the end of last year, but this has since been delayed several times.

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Microsoft has announced a variety of changes to its Microsoft Teams application today, including integration with Apple CarPlay. Microsoft Teams is also adding new options for recording meetings, transferring calls, and more.

As The Verge reports, CarPlay integration will allow Microsoft Teams users to initiate and answer calls using the head unit in their car. You’ll also be able to use Siri to initiate calls hands-free with CarPlay.

In early 2021, Microsoft Teams will add support for transferring calls between mobile and desktop devices. For example, you’ll be able to begin a call on your iPhone, then transfer it to your Mac:

Microsoft Teams users will also be able to transfer calls between mobile and desktop soon, allowing people to quickly move locations in the middle of an audio or video call. The Teams app will let people join without audio on an additional device, or simply transfer the call and end it automatically on other devices. Microsoft says this particular feature will be available in early 2021.

Other features coming to Microsoft Teams include a new calling interface with easier access to contacts, voicemail, and calling history. This will allow “Microsoft Teams to more easily replace your desk phone, with built-in spam call protection, reverse number lookup, and the ability to merge calls,” The Verge reports.

Microsoft Teams is also adding new recording features, including the ability to record meetings to SharePoint or OneDrive.

The latest version of Microsoft Teams does not yet appear to be available on the App Store, but you can check on your device right here.

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